What about discipline?2022-01-31T02:47:37+10:00

The Montessori approach to Behaviour Guidance is to foster self-discipline within each child. The classroom environments are designed to provide a variety of choices for children, and for children to work on activities alone or in co-operation with others when they are ready to interact in that fashion. Children repair or make amends when they have failed to take due care of equipment, or hurt another child. Being involved in the rectification assists the child to develop a sense of consequence and caring for others. The staff are encouraged to tailor behaviour guidance approaches for each child, keeping in mind that there is no acceptance of poor behaviour whilst at the same time building into the processes constant messages of love and acceptance of the child.

What happens when my child experiences the usual bumps and scrapes of early childhood?2022-01-31T02:47:14+10:00

By regulation, a staff member with current first aid and CPR must be present at the centre at all times children are present. Our policy requires staff to become first aid compliant within 6 months of commencing employment, and remaining current. The most common first aid treatments are an ice-pack and a cuddle.

Will my child be able to just “play” or will they have to learn all the time?2022-01-31T02:46:37+10:00

The great thing about early childhood is that children “play” at doing “real” things. Children gain great satisfaction from being able to mimic the adult tasks around the home. Montessori builds on this joy by providing these real tasks in ways which children can experience success. Even the “academic” activities are built around the types of play which appeal to children such as building towers, putting items in holes (posting) and solving puzzles. The outdoor environment also offers free play experiences for children. What we adults might call “work”, children enjoy as “play”.

What are the hours you are open?2024-04-08T10:30:18+10:00

The Building Futures centres usually operate for 11 hours per day. Our Wavell Heights and Forest Lake Centres opening hours is from 7 am to 6 pm. Our Blackstone Centre’s opening hours is from 6.30 am – 5.30 pm. This is reviewed from time to time to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our families.


Building Futures have put in place a COVID-19 Risk Minimisation Strategy.

What is the cost?2022-01-31T02:43:26+10:00

Please visit the centre to discuss your “out of pocket” costs with the Director. The investment in your child’s early years have been shown in numerous studies to benefit your child greatly in the years to come in terms of socialisation, school readiness and even positives such as higher education levels and employment as an adult. Providing a sound foundation for your child during their young life is more affordable than waiting to invest in them in later years. Providing a Montessori program within our centres, as well as all the other inclusions, does increase the overheads, but the fees charged are still well within the ballpark for childcare centres generally.

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